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If you are having trouble this page will get you started.

How do I start?

Click on the sample art to the left or choose "Create Graphics" to enter the creation studio & begin building your own custom artwork right here on the site.

How does it work?

Just enter your text & click submit. TypeArtist™ works a lot like other design software only easier. You can choose custom fonts, colors, effects, etc. or choose from our menus of pre-made styles.

What can I make?

The possibilities are endless however popular items include: banners, titles, website buttons, graphics for online profiles & homepages, logos, monograms, avatars & more.

TypeArtist™ is easy & fast, you can create custom styles & render advanced sets of images in seconds. Many of our fonts are rare or exclusive & we will even host your image on our site indefinetly.

TypeArtist Help & Tips :

• Getting Started

To see a quick sample of what does just hit the "submit" button at the top, right of the artboard. A graphic will be created using the defualt settings.

To create a custom graphic just enter your text & choose the colors & effects you like using the controls on the left. When your ready to apply your settings hit submit. A graphic will be created.

If you are happy with the file save the image or copy the HTML code.

If you want to continue making changes then just alter your settings & hit submit again. Your custom settings will still be in place so you can make minor changes or start all over as you see fit.

• Background Images Colors & Gradients

1.) If you do not choose a background color the background will be white.

2.) Gradient background color is faded into the original background color creating a 2 color gradient.

3.) Background images will override background colors. Gradients will override images. If you chose an image you can turn it off later to reveal your original gradients & background colors.